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Why Magento Search “not so good”

Why Magento Search “not so good” Magento has e-commerce software many features, where a search can not be missing. I have long time not busy special configures most settings in the backend. It is however noticed time and again that the results agree, but the question of relevance is not really answered. A closer look at the search, I found that Magento is a table “catalogsearch_fulltext” includes to store the searchable attributes of the products there. There exists a field […]

How to Install Apache Solr for Magento Store?

How to Install Apache Solr for Magento Store? What are the advantages of Apache Solr integration with Magento store? Installation of Apache Solr for your Magento Store provides you with a number of advantages in comparison with the full-text search based on MySQL: Zero results tips or results correction; Suggestions; Clustering; Attribute weight based on attribute settings; Localized characters search; Word delimiter (for example, search of “spider man”, “spiderman return” or “spider-man”). What is the essence of this installation? Apache […]

Integrate Apache Solr with OpenCart

Integrate Apache Solr with OpenCart Nowadays the face of e-commerce is constantly changing. Hence to maintain strong online selling presence we have to offer better services to our end users. In most of the cases customers switch to other e-commerce sites due to poor implementation of site search, search result not being accurate, search result being slow and so on. We can overcome these problems by integrating Apache Solr with the existing e-commerce website. I have listed some basic steps […]