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Flipkart Affiliate vs Amazon Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate vs Amazon Affiliate [social_share/] 0Flipkart affiliate program is increasing its affiliate commission facing competition from Amazon affiliate program. Flipkart affiliate also improved its tools and reporting parameters for granular tracking of the performance after Amazon affiliate started to attract more Indian publishers with their robust tracking and better affiliate attention. Making money online from affiliate is different from other advertising like Google Adsense (Recommended Affiliate marketing problems). Using Adsense a publisher may earn not only for advertising clicks […]


FLIPKART API LAUNCHED Flipkart silently launched its Flipkart API finally ! Today while checking my Flipkart Affiliate account I found 2 extra links Affiliate API Token Flipkart API FAQs in the navigation bar. Last time when we compared Flipkart affiliate and Amazon India affiliate we told that Flipkart Affiliate did not have API while Amazon affiliate provided one. Launch of Flipkart API brings Flipkart at par with Amazon affiliate now ! Flipkart API would enable Indian web-developers, Publishers to develop […]