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Opencart SMS Module for custom api

Opencart SMS Module


If you have custom sms API then this plugin is for you.
Custom Api Format should like this.,919xxxx&message=hello,919xxxx&message=hello

If you want to hire me I will implement this extension on your server or even you can buy this plugin directly from our below link.

Bulk SMS Notification & Marketing Solution (Opencart SMS Module)

  • Allow real-time SMS notifications of new orders to be sent to the store owner.
  • Module will also allow real-time SMS notifications of new order status to be sent to the store customers.
  • Also can be used as SMS Marketing to send custom SMS to your customers.


  • Supported Version: Opencart v. 1.5.1, + vQmod
  • iSMS account (sms credits) Please click HERE to register for an account and receive free 5 SMS demo pin.
  • To install vQmod Please click HERE.


  • You must install vQmod to run our Opencart SMS Plugin.
  • Bulk SMS plugin is not recommended to be installed in Opencart Version


After uploading, login as admin. ( ). Go to Admin Area > Extension and click “Modules”.


Click “Install” “chandansms”.

If you Want SMS Api Visit our Website :

For Support Contact me:
Skype: dubeychandan996

Mobile: +91-9038655955

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