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Web trends that lead in 2019

Web trends that lead in 2019 Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is one of the core components of any excellent digital transformation strategy. And as more companies are vying to implement digital transformation strategies, the role of artificial intelligence will grow even more central in web developments than ever before. Single Page Applications (SPAs) SPAs have caught on this year. And because they’re relatively easier to navigate, they look poised to grow in their popularity. With simplicity and speed at the heart […] global marketing pvt

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How to Kill a Process in Linux

In an operating system, there are many programs, which may be either run by an user or by the OS itself (such as system services). Such programs which are running on the system are called “processes”. Usually, a process terminates on its own when they’re done with their task, or when you ask them to quit by pressing a keyboard shortcut or clicking on the “Close” button. However, sometimes a process can hang up or consume a lot of CPU […]

Web Apps and Servers Using JavaScript Are Vulnerable to ReDos attacks

Web Applications and web servers using JavaScript are vulnerable to a specific type of attack known as a Regex Denial of Service (ReDoS). The attacker usually sends a large regular expression to a JavaScript web-based application, if the application is not designed to handle such cases the attacker could end up freezing the application whilst it sits there using numerous resources trying to analyse the pattern. Why can ReDos do a lot of Damage to JS Web Servers? The single […]

Buy wordpress amazon polly plugin

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Bitbucket down for two days

Atlassian’s code version control system Bitbucket has been suffering an ongoing failure in its storage layer, affecting developers across the globe. Problems arose yesterday (January 9) at 13:47 UTC, when the service website performance and SSH/HTTPS transactions slowed. After four hours of degraded performance, Bitbucket said it was investigating possible network or storage layer issues, and then working with its storage vendor an hour later. live22 Six hours after the incident was recognised, the status system said: “All services and […]


Top Chatbots to integrate with your ecommerce store for improved conversion rate

By automating certain part of the ecommerce, using machine learning, the overall consumer experience can certainly be enhanced. One aspect of this AI shift is Chatbots, which have been paramount in minimizing the gap between online business and consumers. Chatbots are basically automated programs that can perform a pre-programmed task based upon inputs from the consumers in the form of text or voice. Basically, consumers can talk to these chatbots on messaging platform or as a website module. joker123 The ultimate […]

Will Node.js-based ecommerce applications become Magento-killers?

I came across an interesting thread in Quora about this very subject and couldn’t help myself. Since many of our blog readers do not participate on Quora, I thought I would add my response below. dnp for sale I don’t really see a Node.js project as a replacement for Magento. Magento bases itself on the idea of a server-hosted ‘instance’ of an application. Much like when you purchase MS Word or another application for your PC. It is a copy […]

the advantages and disadvantages of using subdomains and subdirectories in internationalization

Advantages Separate folders can be still targeted. Easier linking process. All SEO efforts and advertisements will affect all subfolders the website will even count towards the power of the subdirectories. Easy to manage. Disadvantages SERP limitations. On large sites, the URL anatomy can be quite messy (if handled well, it can look very slick though). Unable to benefit from hosting different parts of the site in different countries. Subdomains (, Advantages Cost (only one domain is used). Individual subdomain […]

Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships

Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs Code is just the way to express the algorithms and the data structures. Torvalds is not alone in this, by the way: “Show me your flowchart and conceal your tables, and I shall continue to be mystified. Show me your tables, and I won’t usually need your flowchart; it’ll be obvious.” – Fred Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month. “Show me […]