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My points regarding seo

We recently analyzed 1 million Google search results to answer the question: Which factors correlate with first page search engine rankings? We looked at content. We looked at backlinks. We even looked at site speed. With the help of Eric Van Buskirk and our data partners1, we uncovered some interesting findings. And today I’m going to share what we found with you. Here is a Summary of Our Key Findings: 1. Backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor. We found the […]

Website Duplicate Content Issue

Website Duplicate Content Issue First of all, let us try to understand What is this WordPress Duplicate content affair? It is a simple thing to understand it. Having same content on multiple pages or locations. of your website means you have duplicate content. Lets us consider you have the same post on multiple pages of the site. Then it will be accessed by multiple URLs like: http:/ http:/ and so on….. This case may be with the content within […]

Seo Techniques That Are Now Useless these days

 Seo Techniques That Are Now Useless these days Seo Techniques That Are Now Useless Posting In Fourms : A couple of years back, forums were vigorously used for building backlinks and there are still a few individuals profoundly prescribing you to do just that. In any case, the thing is, gathering backlinks no more work or I ought to say they don’t count. Let me be clear that the above is only for bad backlinks as I have first hand […]

How To Get Traffic On New Blog

How To Get Traffic On New Blog Find Popular Content And Explore It Long tail keyword research is one of the successfully used strategies by a large portion of the SEO specialists (like Web Chimpy) and Web marketers to rapidly boost their website search traffic. here are couple of fundamental tips to take after to discover potential long tail keywords that build your search traffic as well as your sales. Begin using Google keyword planner on the off chance that […]

How To build High Quality Backlinks To Your Blog?

How To build High Quality Backlinks To Your Blog? Primarily I would ask you to get an SEO agency to help you with link building services, as it requires a certain amount of professionalism and experience to find and use links to get the maximum out of it. You can see it here on how most of the online businesses are spending a ton of their time upgrading their website for a better score rather than waste money on other platforms […]

Best methods of link building in 2016

Best methods of link building in 2016 But after lots of coffee and consideration, we settled on 29 individual link building tactics: Link Bait (creating linkworthy assets + outreach) Side Projects (creating free tools etc) Ego Bait Broken Link Building Link Reclamation Newsjacking Guest Blogging Interviews (inc. podcasts, roundups etc) Infographics Embeddable Widgets Content Syndication Content Repurposing Link Building With Images (memes, photos etc) Video Submissions Directory Submissions Press Release Distribution Local Citations Blog Commenting Contributing In Niche Forums Participating […]

Get Best quality backlink in easy way

Get Best quality backlink in easy way  Manage your backlink : Buy this Application and get track your backlink and create multiple accounts for your seo executives. Backlink are two types: Do follow backlink No follow backlink 1.Do follow backlink These are the type of the backlinks which are necessary for your site to improve its ranks on Search Engine Result Pages(SERP). In true way these are the backlinks which carry link juice. These are the real backlinks which […]

Easily boost up your alexa rank

What is Alexa Rank? For This please Read this article. Article Link. Claim your site on Install Alexa toolbar into your browser Add Alexa widget to your blog Write Linkable and shareable content Drive traffic from Social Media sites Keep updating your blog with useful content and increase your returning visitors count Add videos inside your content Showcase your Alexa rank    

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a product of amazon. It have a alogo to check website rank. You will see many a websites also shows website worth they have some algo hope my next post have this part too. Alexa rank manily deponds upon visitors of your website, but it also depends on many other things too. This traffic is based on such parameters as reach and page views. Alexa rank is also depends upon three other major parts like backlinks, speed of […]