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sitemap in php custom code

sitemap in php custom code   Here I’ll show you How to create multiple XML sitemap in PHP, As you know you can submit 50,000 URL’s per XML sitemap in google but IF you are working on any product base website and you have 10 lakh products url, And you want to submit al URL’s to google then this method will help you to create dynamic XML sitemap. pussy88 You know submitting XML sitemap in google webmaster is quickest way […]


Top Chatbots to integrate with your ecommerce store for improved conversion rate

By automating certain part of the ecommerce, using machine learning, the overall consumer experience can certainly be enhanced. One aspect of this AI shift is Chatbots, which have been paramount in minimizing the gap between online business and consumers. Chatbots are basically automated programs that can perform a pre-programmed task based upon inputs from the consumers in the form of text or voice. Basically, consumers can talk to these chatbots on messaging platform or as a website module. joker123 The ultimate […]


WebSocket Chat with WhatsApp

ntro I would like to show you how to create a WebSocket chat application to send and receive a WhatsApp message from the SAPUI5 web browser with the open source Yowsup. How it works? online casino singapore Firstly, client will establish the connection to the server via the websocket address: ws://localhost:8080/fd6/websocket and register the following event listeners: onerror: When a WebSocket encounters a problem, the “onerror” event handler is called. onopen: When a WebSocket in the open state, the “onopen” event […]

How to install and enable Mcrypt extension for PHP + Nginx

Sometimes while installing WordPress plugins, you might come across a message to install / enable Mcrypt extension for PHP. Mcrypt is an interface which supports a wide range of block algorithims. It support Algorithims like DES, TripleDES, GOST, OFB etc. Note : The Mcrypt extension relies on the ‘libmcrypt’ extension, which is not maintained since 2007. So some people consider installing the extension useless. None the less some WordPress plugins do require this extension to be installed and enabled. Step […]

MOBIKWIK clone recharge script

MOBIKWIK clone recharge script i am working in  mobikwik clone script if you are interested  please contact me on skype: dubeychandan996 and i have already readymade script with custom design.

Install the PHP Extension (ionCube Loader) Required by Watch My Domains SED

Install the PHP Extension (ionCube Loader) Required by Watch My Domains SED What is ionCube Loader? ionCube loader is a PHP extension for decoding encrypted PHP files at runtime. It is free and you can install it quite easily. Requires Root Access The following instructions assume that you are logged in as root. This is because this article is part of a tutorial for setting up a Ubuntu Server from scratch. Many shared hosting environments found on websites like […]

Top 7 PHP IDEs You Can’t Resist Using as a Web Developer

PHP has indeed become one of the most popular programming languages used by web developers across the globe. Backed by an impressive community of web development experts, PHP has been loaded with great tools that can suit the requirements of every type of client. It is the concept of having a good development environment that can play a vital role in effective creation of PHP websites and web applications. The process of building a PHP website is accompanied by the […]

Tips to Develop a Robust Website in PHP

Let’s start with the obvious: Website development is a crucial aspect to any entrepreneurial venture. But that’s common knowledge these days. The writing on the wall is clear – the digital world is here to stay and the quickest path to ruin is to ignore the potential a website can provide to your business.   But there are other questions out there that aren’t answered as readily: •  How do you develop a strong bug-free website?   •  How do […]

Use these tools to enhance PHP Skills

Custom PHP development demands a core set of development tools. Being an extensively accomplished platform, PHP caters developers with a good deal of tools. Here readers can find a list of some exceptional tools that serve programmers a lot in simplifying their task of creating simple or complex applications in PHP. Sublime Text If you are searching for the best PHP source code editor, Sublime Text is a web space you shall rely on. It has all features that allow […]

Backlink management php script

Backlink management php script For you seo team and members. For more details you can click on below link. Backlink Management