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Top 7 PHP IDEs You Can’t Resist Using as a Web Developer

PHP has indeed become one of the most popular programming languages used by web developers across the globe. Backed by an impressive community of web development experts, PHP has been loaded with great tools that can suit the requirements of every type of client. It is the concept of having a good development environment that can play a vital role in effective creation of PHP websites and web applications. The process of building a PHP website is accompanied by the […]

How to Install Apache Solr for Magento Store?

How to Install Apache Solr for Magento Store? What are the advantages of Apache Solr integration with Magento store? Installation of Apache Solr for your Magento Store provides you with a number of advantages in comparison with the full-text search based on MySQL: Zero results tips or results correction; Suggestions; Clustering; Attribute weight based on attribute settings; Localized characters search; Word delimiter (for example, search of “spider man”, “spiderman return” or “spider-man”). What is the essence of this installation? Apache […]

PHP Interview Questions and Answers

1. How can we encrypt password using PHP? crypt () function is used to create one way encryption. It takes one input string and one optional parameter. The function is defined as: crypt (input_string, salt), where input_string consists of the string that has to be encrypted and salt is an optional parameter. PHP uses DES for encryption. The format is as follows: 2. Explain how to submit a Form without a submit button. A form can be posted or submitted […]

sorting array value without any sort function

  Here is the way of sorting. <?php $array=array(‘2′,’4′,’8′,’5′,’1′,’7′,’6′,’9′,’10’,’3′); echo “Unsorted array is: “; echo “<br />”; print_r($array); for($j = 0; $j < count($array); $j ++) { for($i = 0; $i < count($array)-1; $i ++){ if($array[$i] > $array[$i+1]) { $var = $array[$i+1]; $array[$i+1]=$array[$i]; $array[$i]=$var; } } } echo “Sorted Array is: “; echo “<br />”; print_r($array); ?>

What To Look For When Hire PHP Developers

What To Look For When Hire PHP Developers PHP provides better control and power than other web programs, like HTML, where code is downloaded to the PC or device to be executed.This article is for the person who has a specific project in mind, but doesn’t have a strong technical background or history of hiring and working with developers. Here in this post we’ll show you what to look for when you hire a PHP developers. What To Look For […]

PHP 7 The way of future

According to tests by each respective team, HHVM and PHP 7 have been neck and neck when it comes to the number of raw, uncached hits they’re able to handle. We’re seeing some really impressive numbers out of PHP 7, however. Now, while I don’t have anything to announce as far as PHP 7 availability goes — it hasn’t even been officially released yet — you can bet that we’re working hard to bring a stable, performant implementation to our […]

image blur after upload on wordpress mac

image blur after upload on wordpress mac et Your WordPress Media Settings Right You’ve got two options here — pick whichever one suits you. Option 1 Stop using image size settings in WordPress to force yourself (or your client) to upload correctly sized images. Calculate the sizes you want your content area images to scale at individually and manually. This means you should not be trying to use an image that is “medium” size or “large size” in WordPress anymore. […]

10 functions a php newcomer should know

10 functions a php newcomer should know   Php is a popular language to make web application . I am going to discuss 10 functions a php Lerner should know . If you are a php developer these function will help you at every step . 1) Rand(): rand() function is used to get random no between two numbers . function can accept two optional parameter min (default is 0)and max (default is getrandmax()). uses are ? 1 2 3 […]

What is the best way to validate products when entering or editing in admin?

You can follow these steps: 1. Log in to Admin panel. 2. In menu, Catalog> Attributes> Manage Attributes. 3. Search the one you want to put validation on, edit. 4. Now in options you can give validation to the attributes, like what type of value attribute should have. or Attribute entry required or not.

How Does PHP 7 and Magento Work?

How Does PHP 7 and Magento Work? Magento 2 is the updated version of world’s famous e-commerce framework Magento, It has various benefits as compared to its predecessor like easier site maintenance, better scalability and improved conversions. The most important improvements in respect to business point of view are the streamlined checkout and the much- enhanced Admin Panel. In Magento 2 performance is improved by implementing separate database for order processing which results in reduced amounts of code, increased browser […]