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Buy X Get Y Discount in Magento 2.0

Buy X Get Y Discount in Magento 2.0 With a bit of guidance from my friends at the best Magento agency I’ve ever worked with – I will guide you through most popular discounts and will explain how to set them up in Magento 2.0. In today’s article, I will explain you everything about: Buy X Get Y discount. Rule information In order to enable this discount, navigate to Marketing => Cart Price Rules. Enter the name of the Rule: […]

Speedup your eCommerce Store

When we talk about the Ecommerce section, availability and efficiency matters a lot because if your website takes too much time in loading and rendering the content it will definitely affect your customer experience and it also affects your sales numbers. Its very important for developers to follow standard rules to optimize the code and reduce the load time of webpages. In most of the cases around 90% of optimization is required at the front end content rendering, only 10% […]

magento everything theme nulled

magento everything  theme nulled   I have this theme if you want please mail me at Link:

How Does PHP 7 and Magento Work?

How Does PHP 7 and Magento Work? Magento 2 is the updated version of world’s famous e-commerce framework Magento, It has various benefits as compared to its predecessor like easier site maintenance, better scalability and improved conversions. The most important improvements in respect to business point of view are the streamlined checkout and the much- enhanced Admin Panel. In Magento 2 performance is improved by implementing separate database for order processing which results in reduced amounts of code, increased browser […]

How to Install Magento 2 on XAMPP Server localhost

How to Install Magento 2 on XAMPP Server localhost   Installing  Magento2 on XAMPP could be pretty painful for the developers, as Magento2 requires a lot of server configurations as well as composer setup which are not set by default. For those who are wondering, why a composer? Well, it enables us to manage the Magento system, extensions, and their dependencies. It allows us to declare the libraries for the project, depends on it will manage (install & update of […]

is short tag working in magento 2

is short tag working in magento 2  

Tolexo Clone

tolexo clone I am going to work on one very emergin website and i hear from many clients that they want website like and now in some days i came with tolexo clone with demo link , but for now i show you what technology uses tolexo. Web Server View Global Trends nginx nginx Usage Statistics – Websites using nginxnginx [engine x] is a HTTP server and mail proxy server written by Igor Sysoev. nginx 1.6 nginx 1.6 […]

Magento Custom Sms Extension

Magento Custom Sms Extension I am magento developer and if you have sms api and if your sms company does not provide  magento sms extension you can get my help and i will make you in one day.Magento Custom Sms Extension Just mail me @ or just click on support and generate a ticket and i will start work. I have many other extension and in near future i  will add on my website like customer verification by sms […]

Reset magento 1.9 password via mysql

Reset magento 1.9 password via mysql look at the admin_user table     change into that password field to e58d34d72aefb6d6f6c6e419da695252:at that means password is 12345678 Hope it helps who are here for finding sol.  

disable magento notice in dashboard

To remove this notification popup message. Login to your Magento Admin Panel Go to System >> Configuration >> Advanced Disable the Mage_AdminNotification module