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Best Netflix Originals Hindi Dubbed Series List

Best Netflix Hindi Dubbed Original Series – HELLO FELLAS! Are You Guys looking For Netflix Originals Worth Watching Hindi Dubbed Series List? If Yes Then This Post is a heaven For You. Today We Are Sharing a list Of Top 10 Netflix Original Hindi Dubbed Series List. Not all Netflix Original Series Dubbed In Hindi Langauge That’s Why We Have Written This Post About Top 10 Netflix Original Hindi Dubbed Series List. If You Don’t have Any Netflix Account and […]

Only in India Exclusive – Once Again!

Only in India # 1 Because everyone needs to take a nap, but not necessarily on a bed always! Only in India # 2 Naav ke badde bhav! Only in India # 3 Did you know that the place Om Banna is a shrine located near Jodhpur Rajasthan devoted to a deity in the form of a motorcycle which is a 350cc Royal Enfield. This temple is known as Bullet Baba’s Temple and is dedicated to a person Om Banna. […]

Don’t Underestimate the Power of an Indian Jugaad

Don’t know about the passengers, but this bus driver sure has a #Jugaad to save himself from a leaking bus roof! Jugaad # 19 Bike hai ki cycle? Yeh bhi khoob rahi! #Jugaad Jugaad # 18 When life throws you into problems, dimag daudaao aur #Jugaad lagao! Jugaad # 17 Now this is what we call being street smart. The#Jugaad of using trash! Jugaad # 16 It is the #jugaad technology that enables us to come up with such innovative […]

Funny Jugaad in India

Bail Gaadi Ki Sawaari only with Jugaad! Jugaad # 22 Jab Jugaad ho, toh garmi ki ‘AC’ ki Taisi! Jugaad # 23 Khana Ho Ya Khazana, Jugaadu Ko aata hai sab kuch bachana! Jugaad # 24 Flexibly on the move Jugaad # 25 Jab Paani Ka Daariya Ho, aur tair ke jaana pade, Jugaad hai toh sab aasan lage… Jugaad # 26 Make Reuse – Reduce – Recycle’ your Mantra – Dimaag Lagao, Jugaad Chalao! Jugaad # 27 Who says […]