Create Custom Header for magento

Create Custom Header for magento <reference name=”header”>     <block type=”page/header” name=”header”>         <action method=”setTemplate”><template>cms/headers/about_us.phtml</template></action>     </block> </reference> app/design/frontend/base/default/template/cms/headers/about_us.phtml and has the next contents:             4. Save all your changes and update the Shopping Cart page.

How To Get Traffic On New Blog

How To Get Traffic On New Blog Find Popular Content And Explore It Long tail keyword research is one of the successfully used strategies by a large portion of the SEO specialists and Web marketers to rapidly boost their website search traffic. here are couple of fundamental tips to take after to discover potential long tail keywords that build your search traffic as well as your sales. Begin using Google keyword planner on the off chance that you are a […]

WhatsApp rolls out end-to-end encryption for all communication

WhatsApp rolls out end-to-end encryption for all communication WhatsApp just rolled out full end-to-end encryption for all communication, so every call you make, and every message, photo, video, file, and voice message you send, is end-to-end encrypted by default, including group chats. “Many messaging apps only encrypt messages between you and them, but WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption ensures only you and the person you’re communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp,” said the company. All […]

Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging

Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging I am certain that you are here in this article because of the heading ( Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging )  . Obvious that it’s truly a conversational subject in which I would be sharing some stunning truth that why you will never Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging. Presently the most slanted topics in the blog-circle is the income reports of the A-Level blogger. People groups just wander around to see […]

How To build High Quality Backlinks To Your Blog?

How To build High Quality Backlinks To Your Blog? Primarily I would ask you to get an SEO agency to help you with link building services, as it requires a certain amount of professionalism and experience to find and use links to get the maximum out of it. You can see it here on how most of the online businesses are spending a ton of their time upgrading their website for a better score rather than waste money on other platforms […]

Cloud Server With Free Trial You Can Try

Cloud Server With Free Trial You Can Try s we all know that Cloud Servers are the a newest form of hosting servers which allows their users to scale up server resources as an when required and also helps users a pay as you go pricing option which helps them cut down their infrastructure cost. A cloud server is a logical server but works similar to a physical server. When someone buy a cloud server, he basically renting a virtual server […]

bulk sms

Bulk Sms Provider

Open Template Bulk SMS Provider in India Our BulkSMS solutions provides to send and receive SMS messages using the Internet through: Our Plugin Software Our BulkSMS Web Panel Your Own Software One of BulkSMS’s APIs The BulkSMS application programming interfaces (eAPI’s) are easy to integrate, making it the best choice for developers and your company to SMS enable your own systems. Open Sender Id Bulk SMS Dealer in India The main advantages of purchasing Bulk SMS from our company are […]

Mark Zuckerberg wears grey t-shirt always why

Mark Zuckerberg is a man of humble tastes. His attire usually consists of Adidas flip flops, a couple of band t-shirts and his signature hoodie. But don’t be fooled by his simple outfit, there’s an important reason behind it. In his first public Q&A at Facebook’s HQ last night, Zuckerberg revealed he wears the same clothes over and over again because he wants to limit the time he spends making “frivolous” decisions so he can concentrate on real work. He said: […]

Setting Up WordPress on Amazon EC2 in 5 minutes

Step 1: Create an AWS Account First things first: you need to create your AWS account. You can sign up here. You’ll have to provide a credit card and a phone number where you will be called as part of the online registration process for verification purposes. Amazon offers a Free Usage Tier, which is great to explore the services and even host real apps without being charged. Check the details here. Step 2: Create an Instance What type of […]


Why Facebook Delete My Fan Page

Whether you set up a Facebook page for a business that, well, went out of business or for a hobby that you are not involved with anymore, you may want to delete that old Facebook page. It seem’s easy enough to do. You log into your page, click “delete page” in the settings, receive a message that says the page will be deleted in 14 days, and forget about it. A month later you get an email notification that someone […]