Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships

Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs Code is just the way to express the algorithms and the data structures. Torvalds is not alone in this, by the way: “Show me your flowchart and conceal your tables, and I shall continue to be mystified. Show me your tables, and I won’t usually need your flowchart; it’ll be obvious.” – Fred Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month. “Show me […]

Why Magento Search “not so good”

Why Magento Search “not so good” Magento has e-commerce software many features, where a search can not be missing. I have long time not busy special configures most settings in the backend. It is however noticed time and again that the results agree, but the question of relevance is not really answered. A closer look at the search, I found that Magento is a table “catalogsearch_fulltext” includes to store the searchable attributes of the products there. There exists a field […]

How to Install Apache Solr for Magento Store?

How to Install Apache Solr for Magento Store? What are the advantages of Apache Solr integration with Magento store? Installation of Apache Solr for your Magento Store provides you with a number of advantages in comparison with the full-text search based on MySQL: Zero results tips or results correction; Suggestions; Clustering; Attribute weight based on attribute settings; Localized characters search; Word delimiter (for example, search of “spider man”, “spiderman return” or “spider-man”). What is the essence of this installation? Apache […]

Integrate Apache Solr with OpenCart

Integrate Apache Solr with OpenCart Nowadays the face of e-commerce is constantly changing. Hence to maintain strong online selling presence we have to offer better services to our end users. In most of the cases customers switch to other e-commerce sites due to poor implementation of site search, search result not being accurate, search result being slow and so on. We can overcome these problems by integrating Apache Solr with the existing e-commerce website. I have listed some basic steps […]

How can I resolve Foreign Key constraint ‘SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452

  That error is comes due to many reasons , but when you see more error logs you will find the exact error 1. Due to foreign key issue of table. Due to croning Due to  indexing reindex all to solve this issue otherwise you have to mail the error shown in frontend then i will help you regarding this.


The majority of e-commerce websites you will come across the homepage is normally a different type of layout to the rest of your pages. Magento by default does cover this quite well. as it gives you a 3 or 4 useful templates. 1 column, 2 columns left, 2 columns right, 3 columns and So on. So depending on your design, you might need to use the 1 column for your homepage and and the 2 columns left for all your inner […]

Comparison Between Magento, osCommerce, and OpenCart through graph

Comparison Between Magento, osCommerce, and OpenCart  through graph

Website Duplicate Content Issue

Website Duplicate Content Issue First of all, let us try to understand What is this WordPress Duplicate content affair? It is a simple thing to understand it. Having same content on multiple pages or locations. of your website means you have duplicate content. Lets us consider you have the same post on multiple pages of the site. Then it will be accessed by multiple URLs like: http:/ http:/ and so on….. This case may be with the content within […]

10 Easy Drag-and-Drop WordPress Theme Builders

Being WordPress site owners, we always want an easy way to build and customize a fully-functional WordPress site without much effort. In fact, most of the users don’t know how to code or don’t have enough time to learn the coding skills. But they still want the potential to build a highly interactive site, without hiring any professional web developer/designer. Fortunately, WordPress offers thousands of drag and drop theme builders that can make your job easier. With the help of […]

Tips to Develop a Robust Website in PHP

Let’s start with the obvious: Website development is a crucial aspect to any entrepreneurial venture. But that’s common knowledge these days. The writing on the wall is clear – the digital world is here to stay and the quickest path to ruin is to ignore the potential a website can provide to your business.   But there are other questions out there that aren’t answered as readily: •  How do you develop a strong bug-free website?   •  How do […]