Magento function most useful

Magento get full product image url Magento get product collection filter by category Magento get current store information Magento get order details Magento get current category details Magento Get Form Key Magento get quote details Magento Get product Attribute Value Magento Exclude Out Of Stock From Front Page Magento get simple product from configurable Magento assign simple product to configurable programmatically Magento Get Configurable Products collection Magento create category programmatically Magento create product programmatically Magento get Tracking number from order […]

show cod in magento on some zip codes

show cod in magento on some zip codes add code like below will work for you if($quote && $quote->getBaseGrandTotal()<Mage::getStoreConfig(‘payment/mpcashondelivery/max_order_total’) && $quote->getBaseGrandTotal()>Mage::getStoreConfig(‘payment/mpcashondelivery/max_order_total’)) { return false; } $specificcountry = explode(“,”,Mage::getStoreConfig(‘payment/mpcashondelivery/specificcountry’)); if(Mage::getStoreConfig(‘payment/mpcashondelivery/allowspecific’)!=0 ){ if(!in_array($quote->getBillingAddress()->getCountry(),$specificcountry)){ return false; } } $cod_charges = Mage::getModel(‘mpcashondelivery/pricerules’)->getAppliedPriceRules(); if($cod_charges[‘error’]){ return false; } $restrictedZips = array( ‘641004’ ,’641006′ ); $address = $quote->isVirtual() ? $quote->getBillingAddress() : $quote->getShippingAddress(); $customerZip = $address->getPostcode(); if (!in_array($customerZip, $restrictedZips)) { return false; } }

Install the PHP Extension (ionCube Loader) Required by Watch My Domains SED

Install the PHP Extension (ionCube Loader) Required by Watch My Domains SED What is ionCube Loader? ionCube loader is a PHP extension for decoding encrypted PHP files at runtime. It is free and you can install it quite easily. Requires Root Access The following instructions assume that you are logged in as root. This is because this article is part of a tutorial for setting up a Ubuntu Server from scratch. Many shared hosting environments found on websites like […]

Why Securing your magento website is so important ?

Why Securing your magento website is so important ? The Market of E-commerce websites is at its peak, as today people love to shop online to save their time. However, E-commerce and financial sites stand first in the rundown of potential victims as they manage financial exchanges. The traditional way to target victims of e-commerce sites is to use targeted “phishing” attacks via social media and emails. But… …due to increased awareness among the people about the threat of phishing […]

Top 7 PHP IDEs You Can’t Resist Using as a Web Developer

PHP has indeed become one of the most popular programming languages used by web developers across the globe. Backed by an impressive community of web development experts, PHP has been loaded with great tools that can suit the requirements of every type of client. It is the concept of having a good development environment that can play a vital role in effective creation of PHP websites and web applications. The process of building a PHP website is accompanied by the […]

How to perform Magento database maintenance

How to perform Magento database maintenance Magento does many things well, but maintaining an efficient database is not one of them. Having many products is a good reason to have a large database. Sadly, this is not the only way your database can become large and sluggish. Maintaining the database through log cleaning can result in a dramatic improvement in site performance and latency. This guide explains how to optimize a large and potentially inefficient Magento database. Attention: Always backup […]

Reset password blank page – Magento

Reset password blank page – Magento After upgrading an older Magento shop to version I noticed that the reset password page was blank. Everything else was working fine: I could fill in my email address to request a new password, I received the email with the reset password link, but clicking on the link only resulted in a blank page. I checked my log files, but no errors were thrown. The cause It turns out that a change […]


CREATING A CUSTOM HOMEPAGE TEMPLATE IN MAGENTO   The majority of e-commerce websites you will come across the homepage is normally a different type of layout to the rest of your pages. Magento by default does cover this quite well. as it gives you a 3 or 4 useful templates. 1 column, 2 columns left, 2 columns right, 3 columns and So on. So depending on your design, you might need to use the 1 column for your homepage and […]

How is magento 2 better than magento 1?

This question may be opinion based but I’m just going to enlight some results from the offical white paper regarding Magento 2 performance and scalability Test Configuration Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 with PHP7 and Varnish caching Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 with PHP5.6 and Full-Page Caching Comparison between Magento EE 1.14.2 and Magento EE 2.0 in the following scenarios: Small merchant with $1-$5M in online sales deployed on a single 4-core web node and a single database node. 25 simultaneous JMeter […]

There Was A Problem With Reindexing Process Magento

  When I try to reindex from magento admin I show error “There was a problem with reindexing process”. I found many post in google but not get excat fixed. After many hours I fixed that issue and I show you how you can also fix this issue and working good all reindex.   1) Export all catalog_product_flat _1 tables with data and structure with ‘Disable foreign key checks’ enabled. 2) Truncate all catalog_product_flat _1 tables. 3) Ensure that whether […]