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Adding Feedburner email subscription form in wordpress and Blogger

Adding Feedburner email subscription form in wordpress and Blogger You will start to receive some good traffic flow when you keep on publishing quality content in your website. Whether you are a professional blogger or blogging for hobby there are some folks who always stick to your blog and love your writings. Since you blog more often the main goal should be building a community of peoples and that is what converting visitors to subscribers is. Readers who love your […]

How to insert / embed Bing maps in your website (wordpress / Blogger)

How to insert / embed Bing maps in your website (wordpress / Blogger) Here at Blog Time Now we have seen many embedding tutorials such as embedding Google maps in Blogger,embedding Google maps in wordpress, embedding Facebook videos in a website, embedding SoundCloud in Blogger andembedding media files in wordpress. All those tutorials are made easy and that is because all sites simply offers an code in which you can easily embed objects anywhere without spending too much time and […]

How to create and add Alexa ranking widget in your website or blog

The two main factors that decides your website’s popularity isAlexa rank and Google Page rank which we have discussed earlier. Alexa shows the information for every websites globally, so adding your website details in Alexa is a good idea. Just a few posts back we have discussed that too about claiming and submitting your site in Alexa. Here we will see how to create and add Alexa ranking widget in your website or blog. So why is Alexa rank important? […]


Smart-export-import-opencart to Excel the whole data for all your products, including Category / Optionsthe feature1.The Smart Export/Import Tool allows to incremental import/export( Continuous import your product’s data with Excel file one by one) data will be inserted. old data is still there,exist data is will modify 3.of all the categories, all message of products , and product options to an Excel spreadsheet file. 4.The spreadsheet file can be edited offline and then be re-imported to the OpenCart database. 5.if […]

Create an Android App for WordPress Blog

List are Given Below by which you can Create an Android App for WordPress Blog   Under Writing

Urgent WordPress Security Tips

Urgent WordPress Security Tips Concerning dealing with your website, nothing is more critical than security. On the off chance that you are running a business on the internet, then securing your WordPress installation ought to be at the extremely top of your necessity rundown! There is such a great amount of to say on this topic, however I have picked the absolute most expansive and effectively executable tips and plot them here. On the off chance that you are looking […]

With the death of Windows XP, now is the perfect time to switch to Linux

If you’re one of the few hundred million people that are still using Windows XP, I have a suggestion for you: It’s time to switch to make the switch to Linux. With the official retirement of Windows XP, the release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and surprisingly healthy software and gaming ecosystems (yay, Steam!), there has never been a better time to switch to Linux. Linux will also run very well on any old, Windows XP-era hardware that you might still […]

50+ Best Real Estate WordPress Themes

50+ Best Real Estate WordPress Themes Real Spaces WordPress Real Estate Theme Real Spaces is a Powerful WordPress Theme designed & developed for Real Estate, Estate Agents Websites and comes handy for Business or Corporate Websites. MORE / INFO DEMO Agenta Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme Agenta is Real Estate and also Rental template for WordPress. It allow you to create your own real estate business website easily by using Drag and Drop Page builder and various integrated shortcodes. MORE […]

My First WordPress Plugin

WordPress is the largest blogging platform available on the internet today; this is my first plugins for you. nd with the official release of version three just around the corner, it’s only going to get bigger. As such, over the next few self-contained tuts, we’re going to learn the ins and outs of WordPress plugin development, starting with the creation of our first simple plugin, “Simple Optimization.” Step 0 Before we Begin This tutorial is going to assume that you […]

wordpress shows post content from database

wordpress shows post content from database query_posts command allows you to query the WordPress wp_posts database and retrieve post objects (e.g. posts, pages, attachments) based on their attributes. get_posts is similar to query_posts and is also used to query the wp_posts database. You will note however, that the argument list it uses is slightly different compared toquery_posts, therefore make sure to refer to the WordPress codex to ensure that you are using the right argument names for each of these […]